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NEW and Recent Offerings from The Gospel Hour

Gift Offer "Liberty" made in Celebration of the USA and dedicated to our Veterans! Includes the New CD of Patriotic music "Songs of Liberty" PLUS the new and expanded book "Salute to America" and the newly reprinted "FLAG" soul-winning booklet. Learn More!

"NEW DVD NOW AVAILABLE!": Under The Big Greene Tent, takes a look back at the tent campaign meetings of Dr. Oliver B. Greene on what would become affectionately known as the "saw dust trail'. This DVD contains the only known video of the early tent campaign meetings held during the 1940s and 50s.

The video sets the scene and helps to recreate the excitement and anticipation of those cherished times under the big Greene, gospel tent. In addition to the video, you will also see pictures along with commentary of the tent meetings held from 1939-1968. The audio portion of this DVD contains an introduction by one of Dr. Greene's sons, plus a recording of Dr. Greene preaching his popular sermon, "Where Are The Dead?", during an actual tent meeting held in Altoona, Pennsylvania, in 1964. Relevant scripture related to this sermon is also highlighted on this DVD.
Join us now as you travel back in time to those hot summer days, under the big gospel tent as you hear the word of God preached and proclaimed by Dr. Greene.

*BONUS AUDIO CD of "Where Are The Dead?" Tent Meeting Sermon INCLUDED with this item!

"Messages from Acts": NEW Audio CD containing 3 messages preached by Dr. Oliver B. Greene from the Book of "Acts."
1: The Powerful Preaching of Peter (Acts 2)
2: The Unscheduled Miracle (Acts 3)
3. The Conversion of Saul (Acts 9) ORDER NOW

"Sweet Story of Old" new Stereo Audio CD containing a collection of 10 songs by "The Ladies" of The Gospel Hour Singers & Musicians. ORDER NOW

New Videos Posted to TGHI's YouTube Channel
Several new videos have just been posted to our YouTube Channel which we hope you will enjoy and find informative. Two of the videos feature some of our Staff members here at TGHI while the other is an Interview with Pastor William M. Cole sharing what the Gospel Hour ministry has meant to him through the years. CLICK HERE to watch them now along with other videos on TGHI's YouTube Channel.

"Peace"-New message availble for the first time on CD: new CD This inspirational message by Dr. Greene was recently found and discovered in our archives; based on Isaiah 26:3. ORDER NOW

"The Classic Christmas Sermon Collection" includes 2 Audio CDs with 6 Classic Christmas Sermons as preached by Dr. Oliver B. Greene and 6 Classic Christmas songs by The Gospel Hour Singers & Musicians. Comes in an attractive Vinyl album. ORDER NOW

Santification Radio Series: a series of messages recently aired on the Sunday edition of the radio program. It's available on 4 CDs and contains 11 messages in an attractive album for safe keeping. ORDER NOW!

New study by Dr. Ronald D. Vaughan inspired by the book of Philemon, entitled "Healing Broken Relationships". This study presents the Biblical steps to take to heal broken relationships and is contained on one audio CD. Available On-Line ORDER NOW!


eProducts from The Gospel Hour: visit our on-line Ministry helps bookstore to download an Mp3 audio file of select Classic Radio Sermons by Dr. Greene or an eBook of one of his books for your eReader such as the Nook, iPad or Kindle. This is a new service and new titles will be added as they become availble, so check back often. If you have a favorite sermon or book you would love to see offered please email us with your suggestion(s). View Our Current List of Available eProducts from

Hear the "Gospel Hour Program" live, daily on-line. JUST click on the Radio Stations link to learn how and when.

Make a Donation Now On-Line; Support This Ministry as we Share All The Gospel With All The World!

Other Items from The Gospel Hour you may enjoy:

The DVD set entitled: "A Missionary Journey to Africa" and contains video made of Dr. Greene's 1953 visit to the interior of Africa to Missionary outpost deep in the interior of Africa. Narrated by Dr. J. Bennett Collins, who accompanied Dr. Greene, you will be greatly blessed and spiritually challenged by what you see and hear in this 2 DVD set. Available for your gift of $30.00; order now on-line by clicking here.

Other DVDs: "A Missionary Journey to The Holy Land" - A 2 DVD set of a film made by Dr. Greene in March 1952 as he traveled to the Holy Land with Mrs. Greene and fellow missionaries. Narrated by Dr. Greene's son David; includes music by The Gospel Hour Singers & Musicians. Available On-Line ORDER NOW!

Our Latest Inspirational MUSIC CD releases: "Meet Me There" and "Songs of Faith and Hope" Contact Us to learn more OR Order Now On-Line both of these and other Inspirational Music CDs.

A Musical Treasury from The Gospel Hour - A collection of eight albums of Inspirational music (both vocal and instrumental) on eight CDs. Available On-Line ORDER NOW!

Audio Books

Revelation Audio Commentary; word-for-word reading of Dr. Greene's Commentary on the book of Revelation by Tim Kaufman; now available on CD (Compact Disc) Available On-Line ORDER NOW!

Audio Radio Sermon Series

Radio Series on CD: The Secret Rapture; Hell; Rightly Dividing The Word, plus many others others are available.

Radio Sermon Series Available On-Line ORDER NOW!

What Must I Do to be Saved? Radio Series- Discover the Answer to this most important question. Order Now!

What Must I Do To Be Saved?

Heavenly Pearls of Truth from God's Word- perfectbound book from the writings of Mrs. Oliver B. Greene. ORDER NOW!

Other ITEMS found in our on-line brochure:

Philemon and Jude (1 volume)-Verse-by-verse commentary compiled from the notes and sermons of Dr. Greene by Mrs. Oliver B. Greene. Gift of $15.00. Available On-Line ORDER NOW!

A Traditional American Christmas (Musical Collection). 11 instrumental traditional Christmas songs, including Angels We Have Heard On High, and Silent Night, $15.00 CD. Available On-Line ORDER NOW!

Audio Devotionals With Music: "Beside Still Waters" (Stories and Songs That Help You To Pray). "Though I Walk Through The Valley" (Stories and Songs to Help You Through Tough Times). Along with each message is a melody, great hymns and songs of the faith that encourage you to deepen your prayer life. ORDER NOW!

Through The Valley

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