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Baptist International Missions, Inc.   Baptist International Missions, Inc. is a faith mission, international in its scope and outreach, that subscribes to an historic Baptist doctrinal position. We are a mission board with clearly defined relationships to local churches. Our purpose is to serve both the missionary and the local church.
Fundamental Broadcasting Network   FBN is a local church ministry dedicated to spreading the GOSPEL of Jesus Christ through a network of radio stations across the world.
Providence Baptist College   An independent, fundamental, Baptist institution in Elgin, Illinois that houses the former Library of Dr. Oliver B. Greene along with other artifacts of his life and ministry.
I Love To Tell The Story   Web Site of Evangelist Tex Woody: Old Fashioned Missionary Baptist Church in Spruce Pine,NC   Beautiful, Inspirational music 24 hours a day streaming over the Internet.
Sermon and Song Ministries   Website for Dr. J. Bennett Collins and the Sermon and Song Radio broadcast. Here you can listen on-line to the program and download free inspirational Gospel sermons and songs.
The Sword of the Lord   THE SWORD OF THE LORD, America's Foremost Christian Publication!
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