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The Gospel Hour Radio Program

You can hear the Gospel Hour Program; on your local Radio Station (download our Radio Log to find a station in your area) or listen here on-line

Listen to the program on your local station. Find a station in your area that carries The Gospel Hour Program. Don't see one. Write or call your local station, encourage them to carry the program. NOTE: Stations whose call letters are followed by an asterisk (*), have a strong signal and are heard in several states.

Download a PDF of Our Current Radio Log!

Listen to The Gospel Hour Program on-line!

Now you Can Hear The Gospel Hour Program on-line! Just click on the day of the week of the program that you would like to hear. This week, Monday through Friday (July 28-Aug. 1, 2014) we continue with our series of messages by Dr. Greene from the "Bible Doctrine" Radio Series. This weekend, Saturday (August 2), next message in our series by Dr. Greene entitled "The Blood of Jesus". This Sunday, (August 3), we will have the first message in our NEW study by Dr. Greene on the, "Who? What? & Why" of Salvation. Last weeks messages (Mon-Fri) are from our current study on Bible Doctrine; last weeks weekend messages; for Saturday, previous message from the series "The Blood of Jesus"; for this past Sunday, last message for the series "Where Are The Dead?" by Dr. Greene.

This Weeks Programs (Mon-Sun) July 28-Aug. 3, 2014 plus this Past Sunday's message for July 27, 2014
Past Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday

Last Weeks Programs (Mon-Fri)
July 21-25, Plus Sat., July 26, 2014

NOTE: If you would like a copy of any day's broadcast on CD (Compact Disc), please call our toll free number to order. Call 1-800-745-0324 between the hours of 8:30 AM and 4:30 PM Eastern, Monday - Friday.

All sound recordings copyrighted 2014 by The Gospel Hour, Inc.

Reproduction in any form without Permission Is Prohibited!

FYI: To hear the Live sounds associated with our site you will need a media palyer installed on your computer (i. e. Windows Media Player, Real Player by Real Audio or the Quicktime media player, all of which have a media player for either a Windows or Apple Computer).
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