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THE GOSPEL HOUR INC., Oliver B. Greene, Founder

The Gospel Hour Radio Program

You can hear the Gospel Hour Program; on your local Radio Station (download our Radio Log to find a station in your area) or listen here on-line

Listen to the program on your local station. Find a station in your area that carries The Gospel Hour Program. Don't see one. Write or call your local station, encourage them to carry the program. NOTE: Stations whose call letters are followed by an asterisk (*), have a strong signal and are heard in several states.

Download a PDF of Our Current Radio Log!

Listen to The Gospel Hour Program on-line!

Now you Can Hear The Gospel Hour Program on-line! Just click on the day of the week of the program that you would like to hear. This week, Monday through Friday (Jan. 26-30) we will hear the next messages in a series by Dr. Greene entitled: "The Return of Jesus." This Saturday (Jan 31) next message in our Saturday only series entitled: "Perilous Times." Sunday, (Feb. 1, 2015), next message in our Sunday only series on the subject of "Grace." Last weeks messages (Mon-Fri., Jan 19-23) third week of our series by Dr. Greene entitled: "The Return of Jesus." Last weeks weekend messages; for Saturday, is from the series entitled "Perilous Times;" for this past Sunday, messasge from the series by Dr. Greene on "Grace."

This Weeks Programs (Mon-Sun) January 26-February 1, 2015 plus this Past Sunday's message for January 25, 2015
Past Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday

Last Weeks Programs (Mon-Fri)
January 19 - 23, Plus Sat., Jan. 24, 2015

NOTE: If you would like a copy of any day's broadcast on CD (Compact Disc), please call our toll free number to order. Call 1-800-745-0324 between the hours of 8:30 AM and 4:30 PM Eastern, Monday - Friday.

All sound recordings copyrighted 2014, 2015 by The Gospel Hour, Inc.

Reproduction in any form without Permission Is Prohibited!

FYI: To hear the Live sounds associated with our site you will need a media palyer installed on your computer (i. e. Windows Media Player, Real Player by Real Audio or the Quicktime media player, all of which have a media player for either a Windows or Apple Computer).
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