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"As a minister and Bible teacher, I would just like to say that Dr. Greene's commentaries are among the few sets of commentaries that I find trustworthy. I find them very, very helpful in my sermon and lesson preparation. I like them because they use the scriptural way to study the Bible, comparing scripture with scripture, rather than a plethora of scholarly double-talk and conjecture."
— H.G., New Jersey

"I just received the five copies of the book Revelation Verse by Verse that I ordered and have given all but one away. Those I gave them to are elated! They said they couldn't put them down. People are starved for the true Word, and if any man anointed by God preached the truth, Oliver B. Greene sure obeyed God's teachings."
— P.J.B., Indiana

"I want to express how much I enjoy and appreciate hearing the Word as put forth and told by your father, Dr. Greene. He explains what the Bible teaches in a language that is easy to follow, and he always gives Bible verses that support what he says."
— M.J.J., Florida

"Thank you for sending Rightly Dividing The Word in book form last month. It really helps to have Dr. Greene's teachings right before me in print, as well as listening to him on the air."
— J.S., Maryland

"We truly enjoy listening to Pastor Greene ... He does not hold anything back; he tells it like it is! We need more men of God like that today."
— S. & D.L.

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